All wonder dogs welcome

Dogsters day camp?

A community of friendly social dogs that enjoy each others company once, twice, 3 or up to seven times a week.  A safe, secure and happy place to go when their folks are busy.  As a regular camper your dog will develop friendships and trust with the other dogs and the Pack Leaders at camp. Your dog will feel at home in our home and will spend the days exploring, socializing and hanging with the pack, all under the supervision of our dedicated Pack Leaders.  

My dog isn’t spayed/neutered. Can they still board or attend camp?

We ask that all dogs 8 months of age or older be spayed/neutered.


What vaccinations are required?

Dogsters Day Camp and In-home boarding is fully insured and our insurance company requires 

that all campers are up to date with DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella.  Bordetella should be administered

7 days before a visit to Dogsters Day Camp.   Please ensure your camper is flea, tick and parasite free. 


How old should my dog be to attend day camp or to in-home board?

Generally dogs should be 16-weeks of age to attend day camp but this does depend on the dog.


Do you separate the dogs by size?

We adapt daily to the dogs that are in camp.  The property is fenced into 3 large parks that similar sized/energy dogs can explore together.   


Are the dogs always supervised?

Yes, dogs are always supervised by our experienced staff.  We use equal amounts of leadership, exercise and rest to nurture a well balanced dog.

I want to bring my dog to Dogsters Day Camp, now what?

You can call, text or email us,  we are usually outside so please leave a message and we will return your call.  Due to the nature of our business we ask that you do not drop in unannounced.  We aim to create a calm mind at day camp and like to keep surprises to a minimum.


You can also register or book online using our user friendly software which allows you to have a place to keep important information about your dog.  You can organise your bookings, complete and update records and make payments.  

What are the benefits of Dog Day camp?

Dogs are social beings, day camp provides dogs with the opportunity to socialize freely, naturally and safely with each other in a supervised environment. This type of interaction is critical to a dog’s social adjustment and well-being.  Dogs want and need interaction with their own species to learn important life skills and lessons.  Dogsters Day Camp enhances your dogs' life physically, emotionally, socially, psychologically and spiritually.   

Do I need a reservation?
Yes. To avoid disappointment for your dog we ask that you book in advance since spots fill up quickly. 

You can book online or call/text Jan at 250 212 7772.


Can I set up a regular day camp schedule for my dog? 
Yes.  We encourage you to bring your dog at least 4 times a month with our reduced rate for a regular camper.  Many of our dogs attend camp on a regular basis and have pre-confirmed spots.    


What does a typical day at camp look like?
Your dog will socialize throughout the day with the other camp dogs in our fully supervised facility.           Days are spent walking, playing, resting and exploring.   There is a large heated and cooled indoor space for frequent rest times.    The outdoor spaces are large, landscaped and enriched with natural obstacles.

We establish strong leadership and encourage young pups to learn from their older pack members safely and under our supervision.  

What should I bring when bringing my dog to day camp? 

Please bring your dog to camp on a leash. If your dog regularly eats during the time they will be in day camp, bring along their food as well. Please bring food in a named and sealed baggie. 



What is your cancellation policy?

Please let us know if your plans change. We reserve the right to charge a $25 administration fee for cancelled bookings.  

What should I bring when in-home boarding my dog?

You should bring your dogs food in an air tight container or sealed baggies for each meal.  Some of our campers are fed raw food, we have a freezer and refrigerator to store food whilst here.  If you prefer not to bring food we can feed our Canadian made house kibble or raw pucks for $3 per meal.  Bring any medication required and instructions for administering, as well as a couple of favorite treats (PEANUT FREE).    We do have laundry on site to ensure your dog has clean bedding every night.



Going Home

Due to the family home nature of our in-home boarding facility your dog will return to you in a calm and relaxed state.  They should not have any anxiety, they may be sad to leave us but they will be happy to see you too.    If your dog is panting more than usual watch their water intake as panting can cause dehydration but drinking large quantities of water quickly can cause an upset stomach and vomiting/or diarrhea.  Monitoring your dogs water intake can prevent any upset.  Your dog may be a little more tuckered than usual, we are an active free run environment and it can be tiring.  However your dog has had lots of rest periods during the days and although tired he is not over exhausted.  

Are the dogs supervised throughout the night?

Our exclusive In-home boarding ensures that your dog is safe and secure overnight in our own home on   site at the Dogsters Day Camp location.


We are insured and licensed?

We take pride in the safe loving environment that we provide and communication between the pet parent and ourselves is an important factor for a successful visit at Dogsters Day Camp. Please inform us about any changes in your dogs behavior, health issues or signs of aggression. 



We will love your dog while you’re away!