Slip leash 101/dog communication

A slip leash is more than a leash, it is a tool that allows us to

convey calm gentle leadership to our dogs using the language of dog. 

By learning the language of dog we are better equipped to communicate our expectations and boundaries.  Our dog understands what we are communicating and our relationship is enhanced as we begin tlive in harmony together.

Whether we are building a relationship with a new dog or resetting

a relationship with our established dog the foundation for a happy balanced life begins with clear communication and calm leadership.

Communication between species can often be missed or misinterpreted

so being able to communicate through a tangible language is a truly wonderful and empowering process that only gets better with each day! 


Routine, consistency and calm gentle leadership is the foundation

for a happy balanced life with our dogs.


During our slip leash 101/dog communication session we will learn

how to create and establish our calm leadership skills. 

Slip leashes with an additional safety clip are available to purchase directly from us!